If you find yourself…

  • Unorganized and dreading the business side of things

  • Constantly saying to your family, “Give me 10 more minutes!” (and you know it’s never just 10 minutes)

  • Feeling like a slave to your clients

  • Seeing what was once your passion become burnout

  • Wanting to have more time to do the stuff you love, but also make more money so that you can afford the things you love

  • Wishing you could get the clients you dream about and feeling like they seem to be hiding from you

  • Dreaming of feeling proud of your business skills in addition to your camera skills

  • Wanting to really feel in control of your business

  • Ready to turn ‘someday’ into right now

If any of the above sounds like you, you owe it to yourself to find out about a fabulous program that changed everything for me, called The Thriving Photographer.


The Thriving Photographer program made my business what it is today. I learned how to give my clients an incredible experience while valuing my time and the things in my life that are most important to me.   

THE THRIVING PHOTOGRAPHER™ is a business training program designed to help you become a confident business owner.  The Thriving Photographer™ offers you immediate access as an instant download so that you can begin transforming your business on day 1. The training program will break down pricing and sales, teach you how to build systems and procedures for life balance, and give you the tools to attract your target client through multiple marketing streams.  Thrive is a systematic approach that teaches you how to run a thriving photography business. 

When you finally make the decision that you're ready to do things right, we don't want you to wait another minute!  That's why we give you instant access to over 5 hours of audio education, worksheets that become your active business plan, plus dozens and dozens of templates, scripts and additional training and resources to help you implement Leah Remillét’s experience business model.




Thrive is packed!! Here's the breakdown:

  • Getting Started Video + Check List
  • The Thriving Photographer Audio Program (over 5 hours of audio training that covers every aspect of business success!) 
  • Thrive Sheets – 30 Interactive worksheets that will become your own active, comprehensive business plan!
  • Email Scripts to adapt and use for your clients
  • Phone Scripts to adapt and use for your clients
  • The Exclusive Thrivers Facebook Community
  • Marketing & Business Templates and Tools - all .psd files for easy customization!



Ready to commit to your business this year?


My Thrive Story


Back in 2012, I had been in business 6 years and I was wondering when I would ever start showing a real profit. My photography skills were decent and I had a great website, but my bookings were sporadic and my bank account was pitiful.  

I charged $300 per client (which I thought was A LOT) but I wasn't making ends meet and I was working myself to the bone with crazy-long hours.  I resented the time I was spending away from my family as I tried to figure everything out on my own.   

I knew I wanted to try in-person-sales but I didn't know the first thing about how to go about it,  I knew I was priced wrong but nothing I did seemed to entice my clients to buy what I was offering, and I knew I needed to find more clients but I didn't know how.  What I really wanted was for someone to tell me exactly what to do and when to do it.  I kept wishing that I could buy something like a photography franchise, where someone who had already figured everything out could just teach me the steps to get there. 

Then like magic, it happened: I stumbled on Thriving Photographer™ program in an online forum.  At the time it was brand-new, there weren't any other photographers who had completed the program, but after I listened to the first chapter of the program I knew deep down that this was going to work for me.  

Now I have to admit that I hesitated for a long time before I invested in it.  I had wasted money before on things that didn't deliver what they promised and I couldn't afford to lose another penny.  But everything Leah was saying made so much sense that I finally realized that I had already learned so much from her and I was dying to learn more. 

So I bought the program, followed it to the letter, and at the very first sales appointment I made $1200.  Then I did it again and again!  It wasn't a fluke, I was really starting to see profits and I was actually spending less time working.  Pinch me!

I've been working the program for almost six years now, and my average sale is currently $1948.  I help support my family with my business just as I had always dreamed, and I can help you do it too!



√ If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and finally build the photography business, you see so many around you already running successfully, and you want to do it in a way the will serve your family instead of taking you from them more and more.

√ You’ve been working with your camera for a while and you just know this is what you want to be doing, but you can’t seem to figure out where are the pieces are supposed to fit to get you clients.

√ You’ve scoured Pinterest and tried a million and one things, but you’re at the point where you know you either need to make this work, or you could find yourself hanging up your camera, and you’re now only willing to try what’s been proven to get results.

If you are a professional photographer or are on your way to becoming a professional photographer, out of all the other things I have read, listened to, etc., The Thriving Photographer has to be the most comprehensive photography business training tool available. I have listened to the audio training all the way through at least 4 times. I was very leery about spending money on this, but it just seemed like it was totally worth it. Leah is very down to earth and very honest, and knowing these things and that she has a money back guarantee, I decided to go 4 it!

Leah wants to see me succeed!! Wow! How awesome that she wants to help uplift me and my business! You guys have to understand, this is a fellow photographer that would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it.

When you purchase The Thriving Photographer set, you get to be in a secret group on Facebook with other “Thrivers,” including Leah. These people become like your family or best friends…you are able to talk things out with them about your business that you can’t just do with anyone.

Thank you, Leah!! I really appreciate you so much!
— Steph Sullins

I have been struggling with two key aspects of my business since I started: pricing and marketing. I have trawled the net for at least 3 years looking for the answers. I bought Easy as Pie and Lux Undercover and another pricing formula after rave reviews from other photographers on the net, but it still didn’t feel quite right. I was getting inquiries but I wasn’t getting many bookings. I doubted my talent; I doubted my prices; I doubted the whole idea of quitting my mundane office job to follow my dream. I was losing my confidence fast.

That changed when I introduced myself on Chic Critique and mentioned my struggles. Another forum member said she understood where I was coming from and was singing the praises of The Thriving Photographer. I bit the bullet and bought the program that day. And WOW!! It is honest and informative and takes you through everything from pricing, planning, branding, marketing and so much more. It is inspirational, and it makes so much sense. I can’t believe I didn’t know about these concepts before. It takes time to work through the program, and I am still working on it, but I have set my prices. And for the first time, I feel confident they are right for me.

At first I was disappointed that it was an audio program. I am a visual person and love watching teachers. But this is so cool. I have downloaded the audio files onto my android phone; I pop in some headphones, and I can listen to Leah’s words right before sleep, while I’m walking the dog, or as I’m working. It is so practical. Thank you, Leah, for sharing your business brain! For changing my mindset, rebuilding my confidence, and giving me workable strategies that fit with my values and beliefs. Priceless.
— Nicky Martin

I will be the first one to say that I am NOT naturally the best businesswoman. I need some serious hand-holding in this department, and this is exactly what The Thriving Photographer has done for me! The very clear step-by-step Thrive Worksheets, that make it fun and very achievable to go from having a vision and a dream to an actual reality, are exactly what I’ve needed.

I feel like everything I’ve needed has been handed to me on a silver platter. The Thriving Photographer has given me the formula I needed to invest just the right amount of hours to make for a happy me, husband and children, while bringing in the kind of income that my family and I can be MORE than happy with.

The Thriving Photographer has given me the keys to be able to unlock this dream and make it a reality. I couldn’t be more grateful.
— Carrie Rainey


Are you ready to THRIVE?




The Thriving Photographer™ is a digital training program and will arrive right in your inbox. Inside your welcome email, just click the download link and the full course will arrive right on your desktop.


HOW FAST WILL THE PROGRAM WORK FOR ME?  Some photographers will want to have everything in perfect order before they fully launch their new Thrive business model; others are so eager and excited to see their business grow that they jump all in on day one. As soon as you begin to really implement the strategies from The Thriving Photographer™, you will see results!  

If you’re an all-in, no-time-like-the-present, let’s-do-this kind of photographer, here are some examples of the results other photographers like you experienced:

Carrie Wilson saw her sales go from nada to an average of $946 dollars with the first 6 portrait sessions she scheduled after The Thriving Photographer™!  That’s almost $6,000!

After the first month, Julie Rivera said that her clients’ experience had become 100 times better than it was before THRIVE.

Thirty one days (that’s right 31!) after investing in The Thriving Photographer™, Brittany Salay was able to quit her full-time job and turn her passion for photography into her full-time job!

IS THIS PROGRAM MORE SUITED TO BEGINNERS?  NO WAY!  The Thriving Photographer is for anyone who is ready to see their business get to the next level. If you haven’t reached your “I’ve Arrived” moment, then The Thriving Photographer™ is for you!

Some of the most heartfelt thank yous we’ve received came from photographers who had been in business for 5, 7 and even 10+ years…because for the very first time, they are seeing their businesses finally arrive!

I ONLY WANT TO DO PHOTOGRAPHY PART-TIME. WOULD I BENEFIT?  Yes! The Thriving Photographer™ teaches you a business model that can be scaled to any size. Inside, you’ll learn how to structure your business so that you stop running in circles. You will learn how to be a savvy business owner who happens to make great money doing what you love!  And that’s great business strategy whether you’re part-time or full-time!

WILL I NEED TO INVEST IN A LOT OF STUFF AFTER I START THE PROGRAM OR CAN I MAKE IT WORK WITH WHAT I HAVE?  My job is to teach you how to be profitable not how to spend more money!

Thrive teaches you exactly how to get your business going and making money with exactly what you have right now! Once you get profitable, then I’ll help you with exactly how and what to spend your money on to enhance your experience as well as that of your clients.

Here’s what I mean:  When I teach you about pricing and sales, I share all kinds of ways to implement your new strategies even BEFORE you can afford the samples!  You’ll find this as a reoccurring theme throughout the program.  First learn how to do implement a proven strategy on a shoe-string budget, then with added bells and whistles if you want them!

I THINK I REALLY WANT THIS, BUT I’M NOT SURE IF I’M READY?  If you’re charging money to take pictures, or you want to charge money, you’re ready!

Plus, once you purchase the program, you have it forever!  This means you can go at your own pace, but I warn you…the excitement is contagious, and you might just find yourself staying up through the night because you’re so gosh darn excited about the growth of your business!

DO I NEED TO HAVE AN ESTABLISHED BUSINESS TO MAKE THIS PROGRAM WORK?  No... you don’t have to have an established business. We’ll help you establish yourself the right way starting now! And if you already are established, you’ll see your business elevate even faster.

WHAT IF I HAVE QUESTIONS AFTER STARTING THRIVE?  We have answers! First you’ll be able to go to what will soon become your own board of advisors through our private Thrive Facebook community!  You’ll become fast friends with tons of currently striving and thriving photographers who are asking questions, getting answers, encouraging each other and having a blast thriving together!  It’s like a 24/7 Support & Encouragement Team over there!

Make no mistake about it…I really, really want you to succeed!  If you run into a situation that fellow Thrivers can’t help with, my inbox is always open.


When you are ready to THRIVE, to dig in and create a business that helps support your family and feeds your soul, click the button below.  I promise you won't regret it, and I'll be here to help you and cheer you on.  See you on the other side!