Wanderlust Wednesday | Lauren's Tribal Shoot

We have a new feature here at Ever After, it's going to be called Wanderlust Wednesday!  Some of the members of the Ever After Model team are doing individual stylized shoots that they have collaborated with me to create.  

First up is this year's Top Model, Lauren Hickman.  The concept for Lauren's shoot was the brainchild of Valerie Solis, one of my fabulous hair and makeup artists.  Valerie and I spent weeks texting back and forth with ideas, making vision boards and brainstorming creative ways to bring her vision to life.  We shopped for clothes at second-hand stores and really hit the jackpot at Sam Moon here in San Antonio.  

Unfortunately, on the day of the shoot Valerie had to cancel, and since I didn't have any remaining open dates to reschedule to, I had to find an HMUA (hair and makeup artist) to replace her.  Luckily I got in touch with Kara, my good friend and another valued Ever After HMUA, who agreed to drop her plans for the day to fill in.  Kara was just as excited about the shoot and within a few hours she had shopped for metallic makeup and a few accessories, did some research into the theme and was ready to get to work.

I also had the privilege of having my niece Shawna with us to assist and to help with touchups during the shoot.  I'm hoping Shawna will become a strong part of my team in the coming months, because she just graduated from Paul Mitchell in San Diego and she is already showing so much promise in working with my models!


The best part about the shoot was Lauren's willingness to do whatever we asked of her during the shoot!  Crazy hair and makeup, climbing on rocks, walking barefoot among weeds, it was hot and humid and she never complained.  Lauren is always a dream to work with!