Wanderlust Wednesday | Madison's "Good For You" shoot

Continuing with the Wanderlust series, I did a shoot for Johnson High School senior Madison Keller last weekend that was way out of the norm for me!  Instead of my usual on-location set, we did the entire session at a studio with full lighting, backdrops and lots of laughs.  

Maddy and I collaborated for months on this idea:  her first thought was to wear a gorgeous dress that she found on Pinterest, and I even went so far as to meet with a dress designer to see about having one created for us.  Then I had the idea that I wanted to do some sessions that are inspired by movies, books or videos that we love, so we threw around a bunch of different ideas.  Finally Maddy mentioned how much she loves Selena Gomez' video "Good For You" and BAM! we knew that was it!  

The premise behind the shoot is: "if we shot the video using Maddy as the talent and the skill and equipment that I have, what would it have looked like?"  We picked two of the scenes from the video to shoot; the laying-on-the-floor scene and the stool-against-the wall scene, mostly because the props were minimal and the lighting looked fairly simple.  

The shoot was challenging, but an absolute blast as well.  I love how the images turned out; this is our take on the images from Selena Gomez' Good For You video, I hope you like them!