3 Beautiful Wall Displays for your home

One of the most difficult decisions we make is how to decorate our homes with pictures.  Some questions you might have are:  How many?  What color should the frames be?  Will it match what you already have?

I'm here to help!  I don't send my clients home with only half the job done, I will help you choose images, frames, wall locations and even the correct sizes, so all you will need to do is accept the compliments that are headed your way.

There are so many options, from frames to canvases to metal art.  Today I'm featuring three of my most popular frame galleries:


This 4-piece arrangement is perfect over a small side table. If your space is a little bigger we can add additional frames, but I love the simplicity of just four stunning images.


Visitors to my studio have seen this gallery in person, which might be the reason it's my best seller!


This 9-up collection is bold, timeless and perfect for a contemporary display.

Almost every client chooses at least one wall portrait, but if wall art isn't for you that's ok too.  I have albums and half a dozen other display pieces that you'll love.  It just takes a phone call to get you started on your way to portrait happiness.  Let's chat!