HALLE HAS A GORGEOUS ROMANTIC LOOK NAILED DOWN~Check this out if you love a soft, feminine style!

I was so excited to see her fashion choices for her senior shoot. The white bell-sleeve top and denim skirt combo is my favorite and she paired it with the cutest blue espadrilles. She took a basic black dress to the next level with the white stitching detail so be sure to check it out.

The locations we chose perfectly complimented her look! We talked a lot about finding the perfect spot and I think we did a great job because she looks like she might be in a garden in Italy.

Halle’s sister Brittany did her makeup and she did a beautiful job as always (Brittany is one of my preferred makeup artists, when you book with me you’ll receive her contact details!)

Now lets check out these awesome outfits!

San Antonio senior pics.jpg
San Antonio seniors.jpg
romantic style senior portraits.jpg

Halle is one of my busiest seniors; she is involved in CBN, DECA, the Clemens Cheer team, she is a BVYA cheer Coach, and currently serves as Miss Schertz 2019. For college she is deciding between Texas A&M and UT Austin, but I know whatever she chooses, she will be amazing and kill it!

Wanderlust Wednesday| Brittany's Vineyard Shoot

With graduation almost here, most of my regular senior sessions have been photographed and delivered, which means that these last few weeks I have time to devote to doing shoots for myself and my model team.  We call these our Wanderlust Series; the concepts are a collaboration between the model, me and my creative team.  This is where I try to stretch myself as far as using new shooting techniques and/or equipment, and so far it's been an enormous success!

The inspiration for Brittany's shoot came mostly from Brittany: she wanted to wear this FABULOUS red dress and she wanted to do her session at Oak Valley Vineyard, a gorgeous restaurant and wedding venue in Garden Ridge, TX.  

I've photographed there before so I knew we were going to get amazing images, but I really wanted to take this session up a notch and go beyond my usual "bright and sunny" signature look; this time I wanted to get something more moody and dramatic.  I recently bought a new lighting set, and this was going to be my first time to test it out on something besides my dog, cute as he is.

 The day of the session the weather was dark, overcast, wet, gloomy and absolutely perfect! As long as the rain wasn't actively falling, we were good to go.  Miraculously, it stopped just long enough for our shoot and as we pulled out of the parking lot, the skies opened up.

Another first for this shoot:  my adorable niece Shawna did Brittany's hair!  Shawna recently graduated from Paul Mitchell Beauty School, and I've been waiting for months for her to move back to Texas so that she can do hair and makeup for my seniors.  She did an AMAZING job on Brittany's hair; I had envisioned very smooth, 1940's era finger waves, to keep the look  sophisticated and sleek.  If I'm lucky, I'll be able to snag Shawna for many, many more senior shoots!

I have to give a huge Thank You to Jessica, Brittany's mom for trusting me when I wanted to move forward with the session even though the weather looked like a complete mess.  The moms I get to work with are always amazing and Jessica is top of the list!

For the class of 2017, I'll have the option to add a twilight session to any regular senior shoot.  Be sure to ask for details when you call to book!

Lauren - Clemens High School Senior

  • Session location:  Gruene, TX
  • Favorite place on earth:  my grandpa's lake
  • Favorite music:  hip hop and R&B
  • Favorite things in her closet:  shoes!  gotta love sandals and Converse
  • Favorite fictional character:  Spongebob Squarepants
  • Favorite dessert:  chocolate lava cake
  • Three things she can't live without:  family, friends, happiness  :)

Brittany | Ever After Model Team 2016

Continuing with my model team introductions, I am so happy to have Brittany Klinge on board!  I am completely in love with her beautiful doe-eyed gaze and her flawless skin.  She absolutely glows in her images! Brittany  is a cheerleader for Clemens High School and she is a member of PALS, a Peer Assistance and Leadership program where she is able to mentor younger students.  Welcome to the Ever After team, Brittany!

We are now booking Fall sessions for the class of 2016.  Call 210-602-1490 for a detailed session information magazine.

What to Wear for Senior Portraits | Soft or Bold?

"What should I wear for my senior session?" It's the most asked question I get, and after almost 10 years of doing high school senior photography, it's something I know a thing or two about.  Today I'm going to talk about how to chose a color scheme for your session, and why it's important.

During a typical senior session we have time to do 4 or 5 different outfits.  Typically, seniors want to show as much range as they can with those outfits, choosing bold colors for one outfit and soft, romantic colors for another.  I totally get it: they have a ton of clothes and look great in all of them, and it can't be a bad idea to show as many different looks as possible, right?

Well, yes and no.

Almost every senior wants grad cards, albums and wall galleries with multiple images to show off all the different looks that we captured.  This means that it's important for all of the outfits to blend with each other, giving a cohesive look to anything we create from the session images.  I've found that the best way to do this is to choose a color intensity, just one, and apply it to your entire session.

So what do I mean by "color intensity?" Basically, go soft, go bold, or go somewhere in the middle.

"Soft" colors would be pastels, creams, light gray, small floral prints, intricate details, flirty skirts:

Senior girl wearing two pastel outfits.
Senior girl wearing two pastel outfits.
Senior girl wearing two romantic, soft outfits.
Senior girl wearing two romantic, soft outfits.
Senior portraits girl in three pastel colored outfits.
Senior portraits girl in three pastel colored outfits.

"Bold" can mean strong, bright or primary colors, jewel tones, saturated inks, outfits with strong lines and high contrast.

Senior Girl mid-tone fashion
Senior Girl mid-tone fashion

"Something in the middle" is harder to define, but it seems that many more outfits fit in this category.  Basically if it doesn't fit perfectly in either of the first two categories, it's probably a mid-tone:

senior girl wearing dark-midtoned outfits
senior girl wearing dark-midtoned outfits
girl wearing several mid-toned outfits
girl wearing several mid-toned outfits

What you DON'T want to do it mix it up.  It's hard, I know!  But your gallery of images will "flow" better if all of the outfits are of the same color intensity.

Now, how do you know which one to choose for an ENTIRE session?  Most of the time, it's pretty easy to choose because we can base it on personality or even skin tone and hair color.  Are you a hopeless romantic or the life of the party?  What colors do you wear most often?  Where is your session taking place, city streets or country lane?

However, this doesn't mean you can't have a ton of variety in your outfits!  You still want to show off a range of styles, so now you can mix up the styles of each outfit, while staying within the color tone you choose.  So if you're sticking with pastels, you might choose a mint green sundress with wedge heels, a pair of faded denim shorts with a light gray woven knit top and boots, and a dressy silver bodice paired with a long organza skirt and strappy heels.

Going bold?  Easy!  Just follow the same steps, choose something dressy, something casual and flirty and something comfy and relaxed, all while sticking to a similar color scheme.  You gallery of images will look more put-together and cohesive, while allowing you so show off all of your different looks.

Now, have fun shopping!