My beautiful niece, Shawna, is graduating from Johnson High School this year, and I can't seem to wrap my head around it!  When my husband and I met, Shawna was only 3 years old, a tiny little thing.  The first thing I noticed about her was her unbelievably long eyelashes.  Ah, I would love to have her lashes.  And her hair.  And her teeny waist. Sigh.  Just to be 18 again would be so amazing.  Lucky, lucky girl!

The morning of our session was the most beautiful sunshiney day, but by the time we got out to our location and started shooting it was completely overcast, which darkened the sky almost too much.  Even though we got some great shots, we're planning another session in a few days to supplement these

San Antonio Senior PortraitsIsn't my niece beautiful?!


I love blogs.  I love to read them, and for a very long time I loved to write one.  But in the last two years or so I fell out of the habit.  Facebook was the biggest reason; why write up an entire story about a portrait session when I could upload a few images, tag my clients and reach hundreds more people?  It's fast and effective, and it appealed to my need for instant gratification.  What's not to love about that? But like so many other things in life, the easy way isn't usually the best way.  Facebook can be superficial, like a quick phone call to catch up on the neighborhood gossip.  Blogging is more like a weekend trip with your best friend.  You go a lot deeper, laugh, cry and share more than you probably should.  Of course, blogging takes a ton of time; from getting to know my clients really well so that I have something to say, to organizing my thoughts, to actually sitting here writing it all down.  But looking back on it, I realize that it brought a level of connection between me and my clients that Facebook can't touch.  And I miss that connection.

So here I am!  As you can see, I have a new blog  that better reflects the direction my business has taken.  After we moved back home to San Antonio last summer, I decided that my business was looking shabby and it needed some sprucing up.  I've revamped my products, paired down the types of sessions that I do, and completely overhauled the experience that my clients will have with me from now on.  It's a new Ever After Photography, and it deserved a nice new blog.

I've done this too long to make any promises about how often I'll blog (in my very first post in 2006 I thought I'd do this every single day-INSANE!), but I am incredibly excited about my upcoming clients and I'm already looking forward to sharing their stories.  In fact, you can look forward to a post about Paige Andabaker, my fabulous Clemens High School Senior Portrait Rep very soon.  Just to whet your appetite, here's a little peak at what we did last week:


Paige Blog 01



Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you come again soon!

xoxo, leah