Last shoot for Ever After Team 2016

Well, what can I say...this has been the BEST year and I'm broken hearted to see the girls from my Class of 2016 model team graduate and move on.  They have been amazing ambassadors for my business and gorgeous muses for my creative expression, but mostly I've simply enjoyed getting to know each of them during the many hours we've spent together.

This shoot was supposed to happen about a month ago, and it was supposed to take place on the Guadalupe River, but I always say that life is what happens when you're busy making other plans.  The river is overflowing from all of the recent rain and the tubing companies are closed, so we quickly (and on my part, reluctantly) switched gears and did an imprompu "First Day of Summer at Canyon Lake" shoot.  It was BURNING hot outside and the park we found to shoot at didn't have much going on as far as gorgeous scenery, but my models KILLED IT.  They never complained, we had a great time together and I am completely happy with how it all went down.

So here is my final group shoot with Morgan Gaitan, Charlotte Burke, Hayley Verbison, Brooke Rodriguez and Lauren Hickman.  Sadly we are missing Jami Breedlove, Madison Keller, Avery Walker and Brittany Klinge.


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