Concept Portrait Sessions.  As far as I know, there isn't anyone in San Antonio that specializes in them...until now!  Like the name suggests, a concept session is one where there is a theme, or concept, that the entire session is based on.  Many times the theme is based on a fairy tale or childhood story, such as Goldilocks or Red Riding Hood.  There are also circus themes, lemonade stands, fishing days, it seems like anything can be turned into a concept session with a little of creativity. Last week, I had a Concept Session for one of my very favorite little girls, Gracie, who needed portraits to celebrate her 5th birthday.   Her mom and I threw around a few different ideas, but after a bit of brainstorming she knew that a Candy Land theme would be perfect for her birthday girl.

To get all of the details just right, we met up one morning at Hobby Lobby to shop.  It was so much fun to bounce ideas off each other.  In addition to the purchased items (candy, pinwheels, stool), she had some pieces from home that we used (white shelves, gumball machine), her mom added a few vintage items (crate table, cash drawer), and some of the things were mine (rug, vases).

Gracie's white dress and little pink hair bow really helped the images look innocent, fresh and timeless.  I am in love with how everything turned out.  At their Premier Session this morning, Casey mentioned how much fun they had doing the session.

gracie01 Girls, I had a ton of fun too!

xoxo, leah