Black on Black | An Ever After Concept Shoot

One of the best things about having a model team is how we work together to conceptualize, plan and execute the MOST amazing shoots, featuring them!  A few weeks ago, I met up with my team with a few loose ideas about how we could all travel somewhere different and get images that we might not get during their regular senior sessions.  Immediately, the conversation turned away from anything that had to do with fields, flowers, lakes and bridges.  The girls wanted something different and edgier, something that was outside of how they normally dressed and looked.

After tossing around a few ideas, someone brought up Austin and in particular, the music scene in Austin.  Excitement all around, so we began to build on the idea.  Some of the words and phrases we tossed around were "Rock and Roll" "black leather" "50's and 60's era" "heavy eyeliner" teased hair" and "high heels."  We talked about going to some of the grittier areas of downtown, near 6th St., to maybe find loading docks, brick walls and urban decay.  We had a great concept, now it was time to plan and execute!

A few days later, as I was doing some research for the shoot, the Amy Winehouse documentary came out.  Ahhhh!  Perfection.  I've always loved her songs, followed her tragic story, and marveled at her completely "out there" look.  So from that point on, Amy became our muse: big hair with colorful flowers, 60's inspired clothing and makeup, music and a brooding attitude. Next I contacted a few hair and makeup artists to see if they were interested in working on the shoot, and struck absolute gold when hair stylist Valerie Solis agreed to come on board.  This was really going to happen!

The day of the shoot was more than I could have hoped for.  We had a few hiccups along the way, but all that did was bring us closer as a team to work through it.  The entire shoot was a true collaboration, an absolute blast and it made me so happy to see these senior girls transformed into Rock Divas.  

Please enjoy the results of all the hard work that the Ever After Model Team put into this!  

Black on Black

This was the first big concept session of the year, and I am looking forward to many more with this amazeballs team of girls.  

xoxo, Leah